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Juego de Azar

2.3.2012. | 20:00h
3.3.2012. | 20:00h
Monica Gomis

In her new solo Juego de Azar Monica Gomis continues her collaboration with dancer Teresa Acevedo. Their research is leading them from the analysis of narrational structures to the deconstruction of well-known clichées, codes and symbols. Another question was, how the perceptions of the audience are influencing the scenes on stage.

Concept: Monica Gomis
Teresa Acevedo de las Casas
Eduardo Navarro
Stage design:
Monica Gomis, Montse Vives, Teresa Acevedo
Graphic design:
Montse Vives
Eduardo Navarro
50 min

Monica Gomis (1973, Spain) completed a classical ballet training and studied „Authentic Movement“ at Laban Institute, New York. Collaborations with choreographers like Trisha Brown, David Zambrano Micha Purucker, Stefan Dreher, Ludger Orlok, Jan Ritsema, Hooman Sharifi, Marten Spanberg and Martin Nachbar followed. In 2002 she recieved a dance grant of the City of Munich, allowing her to analyze the work of Xavier LeRoy, Jan Ritsema and Cristine De Smedt. Her choreographic debut Dilo, aber sag es besser 2mal, can you say it again? was realized in 2004. Numerous productions followed, e.g. Questioning Questions? (2005), Holy heels (2006), Hermanas - Gomis & Stucky (2007), A Woman with a Plan (2009) and Catching a Big Fish (2010). Her pieces were also presented at festivals like Les lignes du corps (Valenciennes, France), Alcoi Dance Festival (Spain) and IKB – 10. Internationalen Künstlerbegegnung (St. Gallen, Switzerland). In collaboration with the Department of Culture of the City of Munich in 2007 she developed the series Body Territories, dealing with the interfaces of dance and science. In 2003 she recieved a three-months-lectureship at the Korean National University of Arts (Seoul, Korea). In addition Monica Gomis is part of theatre projects, working as performer and movement coach (e.g. Lost, Bist Du noch da?).

Teresa Acevedo de las Casas (1979, Spain). Choreographer and dancer. With own pieces and as a performer she participated at the festivals Lignes de Corps, La Noche en Blanco (Madrid) and Les Jeudi's (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris). Teresa Acevedo is member of Soilios Kollectivs (Toulouse). She is approaching movement over yoga, performance-training and written research processes. Since 2006 she’s developing own pieces – e.g. Aposteriori/ 2006, El Ojo Desnudo/ 2007 – at Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini (Valenciennes, France). 2008 she realized the research project EDDP - En Dessous De la Page at Fabrik Potsdam together with K.L. Desault. In 2009 the production Longing was developed (coproduction NeXt Festival & CAS Sevilla). Teresa Acevedo is also coordinating the performance festival Made by Myself in Madrid. She was part of the team of Monica Gomis’ last three pieces.

Eduardo Navarro (1974, Spain) studied at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Industrial CEU San Pablo (Valencia) and the Royal College, London. His works and installations have been presented at numerous exhibitions such as DÉCOR Miami, Valencia Art and Art Brussels. As musician, video artist and graphic designer he formed part of productions like Birth0.1, FLUX, Gemischtes Doppel and 7Happenings. Since 2006 he has been working with Monica Gomis.

www.monicagomis.com / www.eduardonavarro.com

"Juego de Azar" is realised with support by: i-camp / neues theater münchen. Monica Gomis is a member of Tanztendenz München e.V.