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22.03.2012. | 20:00h
23.03.2012. | 20:00h
Idea and choreography – Irma Omerzo

Technique. According to the dictionary by Klaic in Croatian, the noun means: “collection of all knowledge and tools for production, or a collection of methods which are used in any sort of work, profession, and also implies the ability to of implementing these methods.” Technique is a skill, ability, way of doing, procedure, work process.  

The performers in this performance express themselves through a variety of different media. They have acquired their skills in different ways. Still, in response to the question pertaining to their performative technique they respond in similar ways: “We rediscover technique each time anew through the ever subtle levels of our own expressions. With time it becomes part of us, part of our expressiveness and of our daily lives even when we wish to negate its importance or disregard it. Without a clear context within  which we utilize techniques and without the inspiration of a performance, technique and the technical is just, for us, a technicality in itself without any meaning.” 
"Technique" as the starting point for the creation of this performance and around the complexity of the theme itself directs the audience to perhaps consider to view the contemporary dance performance from another angle.” 

The questions which remains open is: what technique do we apply in the creation of a performance today?   
Idea and Choreography: Irma Omerzo
Dance: Zrinka Užbinec, Pravdan Devlahović
Voice:  Davorka Horvat
Technique: Bojan Gagić
Photography: Jasenko Rasol
Production: MARMOT
Coproduction: Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples
Financial Support : Croatian Ministry of Culture, Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Zagreb