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Broadcasting "shake your booty"

24. 03. 2012. | 20:00h

Choreography: Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković

The  idea of equality of men and women is over a hundred years old, based on a theses that the two are the same and equal in everything. But, my gentle people - This  is Not so! Men and women are so very different, even contradictory! In the  maelstrom of these differences, amidst the controversy of interpersonal relationships, the most amazing twists occur! And,  it is precisely these unpredictable, yet  constant conflicts between them that are  the guilty (responsible) ones.

If you don’t believe this , come out  to our full of humor dance event - broadcasting “Shake your booty”! With the irrefutable evidence of a “scientific” parody, we will try to convince you of exactly this!

Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković
Ognjen Vučinić ( ZPA); Tomislav Petranović ( HNK Zagreb ) & Maša Kolar
Mislav Čavajda

Photographs from the performance at the Zagreb Dance Centre 2/3/2012
Photo by Ksenija Španec


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