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Sad Sam Lucky

The Equation of Language and Body

19. 4.2012. | 20 h opening night!
20. 4.2012. | 20 h
21. 4.2012. | 20 h

Author and performer: Matija Ferlin

Srečko Kosovel was born in 1904. Matija Ferlin was born in  1982. Matija is eight years older than Srečko.How old is Srečko?

Perhaps this equation does not have a solution.

Or, the result of this equation may not be anything more than facination with brevity.

This equation is, without a correct response, a good beginning.

The poetry and life of Slovene poet Srečko Kosovel are the starting points of a research process in which choreographer and performer Matija Ferlin embarks on his new project  SAD SAM LUCKY,  a work in a series of works SAD SAM which began in  2004.
Kosovel's melancholic and confessionary peotry created in the interspaces of the sparce atmosphere of the Slovene heights and the egsistential crisis resulting from the first World War,  in broad sweeps passing through impressionism, expressionism and constructivism , physically attacks the language in an effort to seek its ideal form, the one which is larger than  poetry itself.
It is the physical attacks on the language, this radical choreography of the language, which forms a very tangible score which Ferlin uses in his research.

The repetitive dramaturgical reading of Kosovel's poetry creates a critical mass of poetic landscapes, symbols, signs and effects which accumulate and prompt a need for representation in another physical form. 

Speech is imposed as a core form of this representation,  movement as the other, and space as the third. Through the relationship of the potency of verse, materialism of speech, endurance of movement and the reflection of space - Matija Ferlin creates a continuous choreographic entity  of exceptionally underscored physicality. By insisting on the extremes which are generated by  marginalized elements such as the beginning or the end, joy and sadness, life and death, temporarity and eternity, activity and inactivity, Ferlin enters a radical, physical, turbulent and emotional dialogue with a unique author of the European Avangarde, recognizing his life and work as a paradigm shift in any sort of artistic life and work. 

Author and Performer: Matija Ferlin
Dramaturge: Goran Ferčec
Verses: Srečko Kosovel
Music: Luka Prinčić
Set: Mauricio Ferlin
Lighting Design: Saša Fistrić
Producer: Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Centre National de la Danse - Paris
Coproducer: Zagreb Dance Centre
Coproduction & organisation: Zavod Emanat - Ljubljana
Project Partner: Festival plesa i neverbalnog kazališta Svetvinčenat.
With Financial Assistance of:  Ministartsvo kulture Republike Slovenije, Grad Ljubljana, Grad Pula, Općina Svetvinčenat.