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Holding on to

20. 4. 2012. | 19:00h

Concept, choreography and performance:
Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller

…the things that affirm themselves only in that unstable instant between their realisation and their dissolution, the things we cannot name or point out. We only know they must have been there in the moment when we realise that they have gone. In these moments of loss we understand that our picture of the world is only one reality among many.

The bodies in this piece are never at ease. They never find stability, repose or a point of balance. They constantly need to redefine who and where they are. They are vertical bodies, never touching the ground but with their feet, struggling to remain standing yet at the same time always moving. They persist to live in a constant space of turbulence.  

"Holding on to seeks to penetrate the space between movement and stillness, the process of initiation, and the micro-world that never stands still and yet it is difficult or impossible to perceive. What movement means here is holding on to the clear definition of its borders and getting to know the limitations within which art is taking place."
Jelena Mihelčić, KULISA

The performance was previously presented at: Museum of contemporary Arts - IX. Platform of Croatian Choreographers ( 1st prize winning choreography) Zagreb, CeKaTe Zagreb, Almada Dance Center Portugal.
Concept, choreography and performance: Petra Zanki & Britta Wirthmüller
Dramaturgical assistance: Tea Tupajić
Music: J.S.BACH - Violin Sonata No. 4 in C minor (BWV 1017) - Allegro
Soundscape: Petra Zanki, Britta Wirthmüller, Adam Semijalac
Graphic design: Damir Gamulin
Photo: Maja Kljajić
Production: CeKaTe Trešnjevka, Banana Gerila 2009.