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29/03 15:00Molly Fletcher Lynch Audition and Workshop
4/04 18:00Bring Your Colors Jam
10/04 15:00Anarchy book fair
10/04 20:00AnaBela BelaAna Liliana Resnick
11/04 10:00Anarchy book fair
11/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
11/04 16:00Masterclass: partnering
12/04 10:00Anarchy book fair
12/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
12/04 16:00Contact Impro JAM
17/04 10:30Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company / part of Croatian Theatre Showcase
17/04 18:00VALUE IS A DYNAMIC SURPLUS OF ANY FUNCTION Sonja Pregrad & Marjana Krajač part of Croatian Theatre Showcase
20/04 23:30Invisible Time Melita Spahić Bezjak Music biennale Zagreb
22/04 23:30"a 2" Tibor Szirovicza / Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović Music biennale Zagreb
25/04 11:00IMRC workshop
25/04 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
25/04 25:00Masterclass: partnering
29/04 20:00A Triad Maša Kolar International Dance Day
16/05 12:00Experiential anatomy workshop
30/05 13:00Experiential anatomy workshop
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SESSION for a Stand up Dancer

13.11. & 14.11. | 20:00 h

guitar: Mate Matišić
harmonica & bandoneon: Marijan Krajina
sax & clarinet: Željko Kovačević- Kova
choreographer & dancer: Rajko Pavlić

Following the success of ‘Koncert za dangubu i zgubidana’ from 2006., dancer and choreographer Rajko Pavlić and composer and musician Mate Matišić, are at it again! This time they are joined by excellent musicians which will allow the infamous duo to once again comment on life, contemporary dance and the local dance scene.