Upcoming events:
22/04 23:30"a 2" Tibor Szirovicza / Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović Music biennale Zagreb
23/04 12:30Europe Dance Way Project workshop
25/04 11:00IMRC workshop
25/04 12:00Masterclass: partnering
25/04 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company


11:30 workshop: Ballet for seniors
12:30 workshop: Masterclass by Molly Lynch
14:00 workshop: Afrodance
15:00 workshop: Breakdance
choreo program: Četiri
choreo program: Motion
choreo program: Nestali za 2 min
choreo program: Miss You
18:00 origami workshop for kids
12-18 Site Specific Performance Žak Valenta
20:00 A Triad Maša Kolar
22:00 Ako zaigram neku novu igru Nikolina Komljenović
9/05 12:00Contact improvisation workshop
10/05 12:00Contact improvisation workshop
16/05 12:00Experiential anatomy workshop
30/05 13:00Experiential anatomy workshop
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Recent news

8th Zagreb Film Festival


The 8th issue of the Zagreb Film Festival will be taking place at multiple locations in the city, so the Zagreb Dance Centre will temporarily become a cinema, giving home to two festival sections. "My First Film", inspired by a book by Stephen Lowenstein, in its 5th edition focuses on the beginnings of German directors, while "Film Protest", inspired by the events concerning the construction in Varšavska street in Zagreb, covers the subject of civil protest and tries to answer the question: how do we protest?