Upcoming events:
28/02 13:00Workshop by Integrated Movement Research Collective
28/02 20:00Prison of decision Ema Janković i Andrea Solomun
5/03 20:00AnaBela BelaAna Liliana Resnick avant-premiere
6/03 20:00AnaBela BelaAna Liliana Resnick premiere
7/03 12:00Contact improvisation workshop
7/03 20:00YOU Aleksandra Mišić i Ognjen Vučinić
8/03 12:00Contact improvisation workshop
8/03 15:00Contact Impro JAM
12/03 20:00PIGS Damir Zlatar Frey
13/03 20:00Hermaphrodites of the Soul Žak Valenta
11/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
12/04 13:00Contact improvisation workshop
12/04 16:00Contact Impro JAM
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Recent news

"Leap of faith" performances cancelled

Performances of Leap of Faith, scheduled for 8th and 9th of March 2012 have been cancelled due to illness. We will post an announcement on new dates for the performance soon.