Upcoming events:
30/05 13:00Experiential anatomy workshop CANCELLED!
30/05 19:0032.TSP: Sad Sam Almost 6  Matija Ferlin
30/05 20:3032.TSP: CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY NO.1 Marjana Krajač
30/05 21:3032.TSP: MOVE-R Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
31/05 18:0032.TSP: Luna Malekova Martina Nevistić
31/05 21:3032.TSP: YOU Aleksandra Mišić & Ognjen Vučinić (MASA dance co.)
1/06 10:0032.TSP: Audition Workshop for dance theater production "Jam Burr'?!" / "The Real Man"
3/06 19:00ZDC Dance Class production / adults 
3/06 21:00ZDC Dance Class production / adults
6/06 15:00Contact Improvisation Workshop
6/06 17:3032.TSP: Dance Week Challenge: Make Your Own Dance Book a family workshop by Zoran Vidaković
7/06 15:00Contact Improvisation Workshop
8/06 20:0032.TSP: Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance - exams
9/06 20:0032.TSP: Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance - exams
10/06 20:0032.TSP: Dance With Me Ljubljana Art Academy production
11/06 32.TSP: Ethnoscape Cécile Proust
17-20h, every half an hour
11/06 17:3032.TSP: Exhibition opening: works by Medvedgrad primary school pupils
11/06 18:3032.TSP: PROTOCOL exchange of stories and ideas on migration, identity, transformation, transition. Everyone is welcome!
12/06 32.TSP: Ethnoscape Cécile Proust
17-20h, every half an hour
12/06 20:0032.TSP: Migrant Bodies
Manuel Roque, Su-Feh-Lee, Jasna Vinovrški, Alessandro Sciarroni
12/06 22:0032.TSP: Grazing the Sky Film by Horacio Alcala open air  cinema
13/06 18:0032.TSP: Migrant Bodies (EU) part 1 Su-Feh Lee, Cécile Proust, Manuel Roque
13/06 21:3032.TSP: Migrant Bodies (EU) part 2
Jasna Vinovrški, Alessandro Sciarroni
14/06 11:0032.TSP: Joseph for Kids Alessandro Sciarroni
14/06 21:3032.TSP: Joseph Alessandro Sciarroni
15/06 21:3032.TSP: Exuvie Sine Qua Non Art
16/06 21:3032.TSP: Fremd Körper Cie. Karina Holla
17/06 21:3032.TSP: All dressed up with Nowhere to Go  Giorgia Nardin
18/06 21:3032.TSP: ReVolt Cie. Thor
19/06 21:3032.TSP: ReVolt Cie. Thor
19/06 22:3032.TSP: Everything / participative installation Su-Feh Lee
20/06 21:3032.TSP: Supernatural Simone Aughterlony
27/06 20:00Stranger BADco.
28/06 20:00Stranger BADco.
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Recent news

Display graduation work of Ana Maletić School of Contemporary Dance

- Laban-dance
- Basics of choreographic composition
- Contemporary dance techniques

the graduation work display will take place on June 21st, 20h, at the Zagreb Dance Centre.