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There’s limited information for artists and producers and for organisations in search of partners for exchange and collaboration.

The European Dancehouse Network commissioned an action research project in order to explore how knowledge exchange across networks can contribute to a mapping process.

A Hundred. Mapping contemporary dance resources in Europe is not an exhaustive study, but a preliminary data gathering exercise – an exploration of how this information might be distilled and disseminated. As an applied research methodology, it has been developed as a reflective process in which the outcomes can contribute to inform and evolve the research actions.

It is meant to capture a picture of some centres (be these established institutions or new entities, networks or festivals) that support dance and have a strong international projection within their core mission or vision. It might act as guiding framework for artists and professionals, helping them to make connections with each other.


Tadionica lutkarstva zakazana za ponedjeljak 20.06. i utorka 21.06. se odgđa za termine četvrtak 23.06. i petak 24.06.2016. 
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Suvremeni ples s Ivom Višak održava se danas od 17:30-19:00h te će se u tom terminu održavati ponedjeljkom i srijedom do kraja mjeseca. 

Sve zainteresirane pozivamo da se prijave na radionicu lutkarstva u sklopu EU projekta MIXDOOR 23. i 24.05. 2016. od 14:00-16:00h

U sklopu radionice izrađivati će se velike lutke od kartona, a koje će se koristiti za predstavu ItinaiR u sklopu istog EU projekta. Svi polaznici radionice imati će priliku sudjelovati u predstavi za koju izrađuju lutke. 

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Zbog bolesti otkazana je vikend radionica kathak plesa koji se trebao održati u Zagrebačkom plesnom centru.