Obavijest o danu Svih svetih

U petak, 1.11.2013, na dan Svih svetih, Zagrebački plesni centar bit će zatvoren. Tog dana neće biti ni tečajeva koji se po rasporedu održavaju petkom - kondicijski plesni trening, početni suvremeni ples i napredni suvremeni ples.
Večerašnja izvedba predstave BOX (killing kuguar) Maje Drobac neće se održati, zbog bolesti plesača.

Subotnja izvedba, 19.10., također je otkazana.

8th Fashion closet

7-9.11.2013. The 8th Fashion Closet, features works by students and guests, and is organized by the The Department of Textile and Clothing Design of the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb

5.12.2013. | 20:00h | gray studio

Post Production Coaching is a series which considers works created in the past period, presenting these within a context of renewed dialogue about the creative process as well as the production itself. The sessions take on the format of a dialogue between author and audience, and often reveals moments that are usually hidden from the public yet are very much partof the creative process and production itself.


4.11.2013. | 20:00 hThe 7th Annual Awards Ceremony of Croatian Association of Dance Artists will acknowledge 2 recipients in the Individual and in the Collective category, from among its membership, for their outstanding contributions to the development of contemporary dance in Croatia.


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Performances at other locations:
Dom HDLU / Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb


18.10.2014. at 14 h - premiere
19.10.2014. at 14 h
20.10.2014. at 14 h
21.10.2014. at 14 h
22.10.2014. at 14 h
25/10 11:00Developmental movement in dance and everyday life / workshop by Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
30/10 20:00Space in Motion Fronesis premiere
31/10 20:00Space in Motion Fronesis
9/11 11:00IMRC Dance Integration Workshop
13/11 20:00Cocktails Thierry Smits/ Compagnie Thor
14/11 20:00Cocktails Thierry Smits/ Compagnie Thor
15/11 20:00Cocktails Thierry Smits/ Compagnie Thor  
Performance at another location:
DK Gavella / Frankopanska 8-10, Zagreb

14 - Cie. Didier Théron
19.11.2014. at 19:30 h
27/11 20:00Space in Motion Fronesis
28/11 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
29/11 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
6/12 11:00IMRC Dance Integration Workshop
12/12 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
13/12 20:00Move-r Studio for Contemporary Dance Company
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