Fame lab

7.5.2013. | 19h

What happens when the stage lights focus on three minute appearances by young scientists and students of science and tehcnology departments? Find out at FAME LAB, a popular science competition in which contestants present within 3 minutes a range of scientific theories.

Attend this event on May 7, 2013 at 7.00pm to find out who will be the award recipient and travel to Great Britain where s/he will represent Croatia in an International edition of FAMELAB.
5.5.2013. | 18h | presentation

IMRC is the performative core of the Dance Integration Workshop which since its formation in 2012 has been hosted by the Zagreb Dance Centre and facilitated by Iva Nerina Sibila and Amela Pasalic. The workshop reflects the belief that dance and movement is not a pre-condition, nor does it require a specific body, rather that movement expression and the practice of moving together and therefore also researching possibilities of dance performance belong to all. To those without visible physical challenges, as well s to those challenged to move and with other disabilities.


Odgođene izvedbe "Iz dječjeg crteža"

Solo koncert Stošje Zrinski "Iz dječjeg crteža“ odgođen je zbog bolesti autorice, o novim terminima biti ćete na vrijeme obaviješteni.
Zahvaljujemo na razumijevanju.

Special offer!
Keep your used Solitues solo pass and get a discount for one of the shows at the 30th Dance Week Festival (26/5-8/6)!
Tickets go on sale May 10th.
As an introduction to the upcoming 30th Dance Week Festival, Zagreb Dance Centre will be hosting a performance of a piece by the Canadian choreographer Daniel Léveillé  - Solitudes Solo, on May 17th and 18th.

To better unveil his dancers, Daniel Léveillé subjects them to the test of the solo and to impossible choreographic scores. The infinite slowness of improbable sayings is now added to his last three works’ rough and syncopated dancing. A man holds a pose while falling in slow motion; a leg endlessly detaches itself from a body out of its axis. Minutes of eternity during which emotions come up to the surface. Unexpected softness, almost lyrical. Sublime beauty of intensely present dancers. To the sound of Bach violins that no human destiny could ever interfere with, they quickly pull themselves together; put on their armours anew. Clenched fists, glaring eyes, they leave again for the fight. Solitude is their battlefield.

Read more about Solitudes Solo here

Odgođene izvedbe "Vrata percepcije"

Izvedbe predstave Vrata percepcije Jasne Čižmek Tarbuk, koje su se trebale održati 27. i 28. travnja 2013. odgođene su za drugi termin, koji će biti objavljen naknadno.
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