Odgađa se radionica IMRC

Radionica plesne integracije IMRC kolektiva koja se trebala održati u nedjelju 9.11.2014. neće se održati zbog bolesti voditeljice.

Iduća radionica, 6.12. održat će se po rasporedu.


The pan-European Project European Theatre Night, is a one day event dedicated to the performing arts and theatre.  It simultaneously occurs in 11 European countries: Croatia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Repblic, Bulgaria and Belgium, and always on the third Saturday in November. 

On that day theatres become the major places and venues for encounters, dialogues, socializing and new findings of artists as well as audiences of all sorts.

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Organized by the Institute for Design of Textile and Clothing of the Textile and Technology Faculty, under the mentorship of prof. Nina Rezak Wilson is now an annual event, dedicated to affirming the nurturing of emerging designers working in fashion today. This is an event which brings together creative minds to present, exchange ideas, innovate and create.

This is also the sector's competion which is internationally acknowledged and which attracts experts from around the world, and which positions Zagreb as a fashion destination.

5.12.2014. // 20:00h

This Annual Award , administered by the Croatian Association of Dance Artists was established in 2007 in an effort to contribute to the affirmation of the art of dance and acknowledge the contemporary dance talent in Croatia.

The Awards are supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. The two categories considered are: the  Individual Award  and the Collective Award, and for the period reflecting September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014. Attendance is open to members of the public as well as to members of the Croatian Association of Dance Artists. 


Uoči nadolazećih stranih gostovanja Compagnie Thor i Didier Théron, Zagrebački plesni centar obožavateljima plesa nudi posebne pogodnosti!



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