07. 09. 2012. | 20:00h
08. 09. 2012. | 20:00h

Topologies are a choreographic study of spacial and visual characteristics of theatre objects, the unchangeable and static physical points of view. The arbitrariness of their use is explained through the arbitrariness of the viewer's optical imagination, during which the use of a replicated scene and photo materials in the original and live performance contributes to the image of a perverse theatre experience. Topologies transform as digital fabrications / constructions of the previous / replicated motions and actions.

Author, concept, choreography, scenography:  Željka Sančanin
Performance: Maja Marjančić, Ana Vnučec, Željka Sančanin
Music choice: Sisters of Mercy, Soft Adult, Thomas Roussel
Set design:
Željka Sančanin, Damir Žižic
Damir Žižić
Production: kombiniraneoperacije 2012
Supported by: Ured za obrazovanje, kulturu i sport grada Zagreba, Ministarstvo kulture RH

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