Public performance for Teresa Mayer's residency

25.6.2012. | 19:00
Teresa Isabella Mayer is choreographer, performer, photographer and pilatesinstructor living and working in Berlin since 2004. She performs her own work as well as participates in other projects in various theatres and festivals in Europe.
In 2004 she made her diploma in choreography and dance at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). During her studies she started working on her own choreographies, including “Side way back” / 2002 (second price at the choreographic competition in Burghausen) and “Babel Mitlaut” / 2003.

In 2005 she took part at Tanzpool Coaching, where she created the first part of her solo “Polytonia”, which she has shown in Vienna (Kosmostheater), in Berlin (Dock 11, Swanday festival, Ada-Studio) and in Poland (experyment festival). Since 2009, she is working on a site-specific interactive piece, called “Inverted Vision”, which she premiered in Vienna/Künstlerhauspassage. Inverted Vision part 2 & 3 were presented at Tanz im August / 2010 and in 2011 at Context Festival / HAU 1 in Berlin.
Parallely she works with other choreographers and groups as performer/dancer and develops pieces in collaborations. In 2007 she was performing for Trisha Brown at Documenta 12 in “Floor of the forest” and “Accumulation”.

2010 she received the Berlin Senate grant for dancers and an invitation to participate at the “Solo Performance Commissioning Project” by Deborah Hay. She took part at an international exchange program at the Festival Trans Amérique (Montréal) in 2010, invited by the Goethe-Institut.
In 2011 she got a residency at Schloss Bröllin. Beside her performance-works, Teresa is working as a freelance photographer. In 2010 she joined a photography-seminar with Jonas Maron at Ostkreuzschule in Berlin.

Residency dates: 15th-25th of June 2012
Workshop-dates: 18th and 19th of June, each day from 11-3 pm (with a 30 min break). So it would be 3,5 hours of working-time each day, as we discussed. And from 3pm, we would continue working alone in the studio these 2 days
The open rehearsal/showing is scheduled for  25th of June 7pm (free entry)
UMKEHREN Project Summary:
With this project I put the process of perception to the test and examine its influence on the form of communication of a group in an exceptional state of disorientation.

The research results and experiences from my last work Inverted Vision, which deals with perceptual strategies and the processing of images in the human brain, represent the starting point for my new project with the working title Umkehren.
Inverted Vision was a performative, interactive parcours in which two audience members engage in an experiment. They wear inversion glasses (glasses that reverse the visible image through prisms). Originating from the 'one to one conversion' (one participant in relation to one dancer) of Inverted Vision, is the idea to develop this experiment further in the framework of a collective experience. Within that it is essential to analyze how the personal experiences of the participants change in the frame of a group process. The audience is invited to engage in an adventure in which, at times, they will be equipped with inversion glasses. For this performance I will be working with three dancers (myself included) and a musician, moving on the intersection between performative elements, spoken and recorded texts, sounds and videos.


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