Stumbling Dance

24.09.2012. | 20:30h Premiere!
25.09.2012. | 20:30h

To stumble means to loose footing on supposedly familiar terrain. Yet, stumbling is not necessarily falling, it is rather the danger of falling.
When we stumble on the street the feeling of shame immediately overcomes us. The stumbling body does not conform to the ideal of the self-controlled, functioning body. It resists the general desire for predictability and assessability. However, motorically the movement of stumbling is an indicator for movement expertise. Who just stumbles, but does not fall knows how to move.

In Stumbling Dance stumbling becomes a virtuoso movement and a choreography of its own. It depicts a body, which might make us laugh, feel startled or be compassionate, but which won't leave us untouched.

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Choreography: Petra Zanki / Britta Wirthmüller
Photography: Douglas Abuelo

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