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19/12 20:00Staying Alive Jasna Layes Vinovrški
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Falling Into Rides: Momentum In Over-And Under-Dancing

Falling Into Rides:
momentum in over-and under-dancing
FACILITATOR: Daniel Werner

5.12.2011. | 19:30 – 22:30 | STUDIO 3
6.12.2011. | 18:00 – 21:00 | STUDIO 2
7.12.2011. | 19:30 – 22:30 | STUDIO 3

The workshop is geared towards all those who are interested in exploring and expanding their experience in areas of contact improvisation and specifically contemporary dance artists and choreographers, as well as dance teachers eager to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of this unique dance style. 

e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
t: 01/4833-083

Regular price: 225 kn
170kn for attendees of educational activities at ZDC, and professional dance artists

The workshop builds on the structuring of a collective experience and situacions through exploring the diverse range of core principles of contact improvisation: partner work, specific to „contact improvisation“, the specific use and travel through space as well as play with gravity.
The workshop will explore questions such as: How to organize the body while partnering? What happens to the dance and how do I deal with gravitation when partnering? What possibilities open when we follow, give in and relax as the ones who offer the transition and provision for weight? How do we follow the parnter and use the space behind, how do we fall into the tides?
Participants will explore issues related to stability in dance in which the weight of our body is carried by another body in motion; how we use the impulses and how do we sustain it; especially in relation to impulses  generated through the giving/ taking  (over-dancing i under-dancing). Participants will learn how to organize their body in the transitioninng from the role of flyer to the one who is facilitating, carrying, providing support and which is the desired tension for the arising situations and how to  manage these.
Although focus will be on the technical elements characteristic for contact improvisation, this workshop is equally one which prompts creativity and which in an entertaining way explores a range of issues in areas of improvisation.

Daniel Werner, workshop leader has been present on international stages since 1997, especially in areas of „contact improvisation’ as dancer and as choreographer. Roots to his  formal dance  training are in Finland through the „North Karelia College“ following which he started his professional career as dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. Body Mind Centering and Release Techniques have had a significant  impact on his methods in areas of teaching and creating in the practice of contact improvistaion.

More information on his work is available:

www.dancecontact.de | www.bide.be  |www.contact-meets-contemporary.de | www.easterimprofestival.info
www.body-mind-presence.de  | www.in-touch.es

Photos from the workshop / © Ksenija Španec /