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Audience development - a two day workshop for representatives of artistic organisations

On February 23 and 24, 2012 Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples in collaboration with British Council organizes an intensive two day workshop covering the always challenging theme of Audience Development. The workshop will be facilitated by Kelly McNight, consultant with Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, UK's established firm noted for successful implementation of strategies related to Audience Development

The workshop aims to address challenges that arts organizations are facing in the current competitive world: how to attract or expand audiences and attendance at cultural and arts events. The workshop is for all those who are affiliated with organizing or managing an organization which delivers public events and who strive to increase interest among the public and raise awareness and participation.

We are inviting all those interested representatives of arts organiztaions (theatre, dance, music, museums, galleries, choirs, cultural centres...) to attend this free workshop. You can register by filling in the registration form attached to this call for interest. The workshop has limited capacity. For a limited number of successful candidates not from Zagreb, there is possibility to access a travel grant.

This intensive two-day workshop on the theme of Audience Development is for those who in their programs/ projects/ organizations deal with issues related to marketing, promotion, public relations, audience animation. The workshop is constructed to inspire managers and marketing specialists as well as all those related to promoting events and contributing to attracting audiences and expanding marketability, positioning of performances or arts events – aiming to assist them with more strategic development of audiences for their respective audiences within an increasingly competitive environment.

Participants will be introduced with core principles of arts marketing including clarification on market segregation, what does it mean to develop specific audiences; how do marketing plans support the vision of arts organizations to attract audiences, how to establish better relationships with existing audiences. This interactive workshop will attempt to resopnd o individual challenges of participants and will contribute to respective strategies participants have related to audience development and expansion.

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre is based in England and in New Zealand specializing in audience research and research of cultural participants as well as developing professional and strategic marketing plans for their clients. With over ten years of success in this area of work, today it is considered a leader in the field. Among its many clients are several internatinally acknowledged organizations and institutions: British Museum, Tate, Historical Royal Palace, Southbank Center, National Trust, The Manchester Museum, Crafts Council, Manchester International Festival and Red Letter Days.

Connecting creativity and research of audience behaviour, as well as that of consumers of cultural products Morris Hargreaves McIntyre offer innovative, entrepreuneurial approach to development of marketing and other plans of cultural organizations aiming to increase attendance, raise awareness and visibility, brand positioning as well as enabling organiztaions to better know their public and potential.


First Day
Marketing plans and audience development planning
Development of arts markeing and audience development UK example
First Step: Defining the mission and objective of an arts organization? What is our product?
Defining OUR markets
The needs and wants of our markets. What do we consider a market and what the audience?
Market research
Situational Analysis and SWOT

Second Day
Determinig developmental goals
Strategic options
Examples of good pracitices
Presentations/ Discussion

The workshop will make every effort to respond to your individual needs/ challenges and expectations. To do so participants are requested to:

  1. Prior to attending the workshop send us your organization's web address;
  2. In advance of the workshop send us the descirption of your existing or future project; something that you are curretly working on and for which you wish to expand / develop an audience and what the group can use as a case study (it can be your seasonal brochure, a performance, a festival, a concert, ...)
  3. If you can, bring along the vision / mission statement of your organization (or the project you are working on). Also any other information you might consider useful in the positioning of your project.

Lunch and refreshments are on offer for the duration of the workshop.

Please send your applications and motivation letters via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the application form (.doc format)

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