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24/05 11:00ZDC Dance Class Production / kids
30/05 13:00Experiential anatomy workshop CANCELLED!
3/06 19:00ZDC Dance Class production / adults 
3/06 21:00ZDC Dance Class production / adults 
6/06 15:00Contact Improvisation Workshop
7/06 15:00Contact Improvisation Workshop
10/06 10:00Audition Workshop for dance theater production "Jam Burr'?!" / "The Real Man"
10/06 20:00Dance With Me Ljubljana Art Academy production
27/06 20:00Stranger BADco.
28/06 20:00Stranger BADco.
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Jazz dance class

breakdance 06. & 13. november 16:00 – 18:00With: Igor Barberić Recipient of several awards, choreographer and dance Igor returns to Zagreb Dance Centre to teach jazz dance class! His method is based on jazz style in which a classical technique is blended with elements of contemporary dance styles offering dancers an opportunity to build stamina and develop their dancing skills. While some technical knowledge is desired, it is not a requirement. The class consists of a warm-up period, dynamic moving through space including jumps and turns, leading to elements of choreographic work.